Monday, March 24, 2014

CIV Pre-Board Exam 101 - Phase II

De La Salle University, Manila - The Civil Engineering Department started a program aimed to improve the performance of the graduates in the CE Licensure Exams.The program was dubbed “CIV Pre-Board Exam 101” where “101”  represents the target of the Department which is 100% passing percentage and No. 1 CE school in the Philippines. In this program, diagnostic or pre-board exams on the three areas of the CE Board Exam are given on three Saturdays for those taking the OJT and other alumni who have not taken the board exam yet. This is done twice a year before the November and May Exams. An exit interview is also given on the fourth Saturday when the results of the exam are presented.

CIV Pre-Board Exam 101 Announcement of Results and Exit Intrview
 The second phase of the program was held on February 22, March 8 & March 15, 2014.  Last March 22, 2014, the results were announced and an exit interview c/o University Counselors from the Office of Counseling and Career Services (OCCS) was held. Before the Exit Interview, Engr. Jason Maximino Ongpeng, CE Chair, welcomed the students and presented them the historical data of the previous Civil Engineering Board Exams. He also cited the goals of the department regarding the board exam. Subsequently, Engr. Irene Olivia Ubay-Anongphouth (over-all coordinator of the program) presented the results of their recent diagnostic exam, these results were compared with the previous batch that took the same test. Both faculties mentioned the recent news citing De La Salle University – Manila being the Top Civil Engineering School. The department invited also notable alumni, Engineer Paolo Ian Lucero and Engr. Marabelle Del Prado, to give tips to the graduating students before taking the Board Exam. 

- Reported by Joenel G. and AWCO

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