Friday, May 31, 2013

Developing Creativity, Communication and Teamwork Skills in CIVMATL Course

Engr. Irene Ubay-Anongphouth with her students (best reporters)
Construction Materials and Testing (CIVMATL) focus on the study of the physical properties of construction materials.  For the majority of the course, lectures are given where the manufacturing processes, properties, applications, quality control, as well as testing of these materials are discussed. However, the highlight of the course is when students present their assigned construction materials. Presentations are separated into two parts: the individual reports and the group video project. Such activities allow the students to hone their research and presentation skills as well as utilize their creativity and ingenuity to effectively provide adequate information while entertaining their audience.
Students with costume and props make a lively report 

Individual reports are presented from 8 to 10 minutes. The main idea is to try to “sell” their assigned products to the audience. In addition to the purpose and application of the construction material, the student discusses the advantages (and even disadvantages), maintenance and safety precautions, and the cost. They also have the option of coordinating and collaborating with other reporters to improve their presentation style. 

Aside from the typical presentation using a powerpoint slides, students may choose other presentation tools or styles such as creating songs or product jingles, game shows, talk shows, or impersonating famous personalities to enhance the entertainment factor of their report. At the end of all reports, the audience would vote for the best reporter who was able to effectively impart the needed information.

The culminating activity of the course is the video presentation of the group term project. Each group represents an existing company that manufactures materials used in construction. It is encouraged that the students would conduct personal interviews and company visits to be able to obtain sufficient information for their term project. The content of the 15 to 30 minute video is similar to the individual report but also includes the company profile and product catalogue. 

Faculty, alumni, and senior students are invited to witness and evaluate the video presentation. A best group were awarded based on the completeness of the required information and creativeness.
One of the groups with the best video
Article by Irene Ubay-Anongphouth 

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