Friday, March 23, 2012

Joint Conferences on Earthquake Engg 2012 - Tokyo

The joint conferences - 9th Conference on Urban Earthquake Engg (9CUEE) and the 4th Asia Conference on Earthquake Engg (4ACEE) were held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology on March 6-8, 2012.

Dr. Andres Oreta is a member of the international scientific committee (ISC) of the 9CUEE-4ACEE. He presented a paper on "Rapid Visual Screening and Two-Dimensional Seismic Vulnerability Classification of Important Buildings" which is co-authored with Oscar Cammayo, Jr.,  Katrina S. Baluyot, Art Jester C. Ramos and Maria Celina N. Suarez. The paper proposed a simple approach of prioritizing buildings for detailed seismic inspection using a dual criteria to classify important buildings such as school and hosptial buildings based on a rapid visual screening score and a second criterion such as importance of a building or existence non-structural hazards. As an ISC member, Oreta was also tasked to be one of the judges in the Young Researchers Awards.
Open Forum: Prof. Pennung of AIT was the session chair.
Welcome Party: With ASEP Directors and Members
Attending the conference also were members and directors of the Association of Stuctural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP). ASEP is the founding organization of the ACEE and was thehost of the 1st and 2nd editions of the ACEE. The 5th ACEE may be held at Taipei with NCREE as the host in 2014.

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