Saturday, February 11, 2012

CE Faculty visits Chula with DLSU Alumni

Photo (L-R): Em Sevillia (DLSU Alumnus now enrolled at CU), Erica Uy,
Dr. Anat, Prof. Panitan, Dr. Oreta, Irene Ubay, Dr. Chatpan, Jamiel Jayme and Daniel Valerio
 Dr. Andres Oreta, Professor in Civil Engineering (DLSU-M) visited Chulalongkorn University (CU) through the AUN/SEED-Net Short Term Visit Program last Jan 28 - Feb 5, 2012 to strengthen the Academic Exchange between the Departments of Civil Eng'g of the two universities.  Joining him was Ms. Irene Ubay, DLSU BSCE Alumnus and now Asst. Prof. Lecturer at DLSU. She is also an alumnus of CU who earned her MSCE degree as a scholar under the AUN/SEED-Net program. Three DLSU alumni, Daniel Valerio, Erica Uy and Jamiel Jayme also joined the visit and they presented their research to the CU faculty and students. The three alumni are applying for AUN/SEED Net scholarship at CU.
Dr. Oreta presented a lecture on February 1, 2012 to about 30 MS students in Structural Engineering of CU on the following topics:
 One Million Safe Schools & Hospitals Campaign,
 DLSU Research Initiatives on Safe & Sustainable Infrastructures,
 DLSU Academic Exchange.

Among the outputs of the visit were:
1. The Agreement on Academic Exchange Between DLSU-CU (signed in 2007) was reviewed and activities between the two departments were aligned to this agreement

2.  DLSU Undergraduate Student Exchange Visit at CU was formalized.
3. List of possible activities of Graduate Student Exchange and Faculty Exchange were identified.

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