Monday, October 3, 2011

Kyoto U & TCU Profs visit DLSU

Oreta, Culaba, Koike, Yoshida & Garciano - Sept 30, 2011

Professor Takeshi Koike of the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, Kyoto University and Prof. Ikumasa Yoshida of the Information System and Management Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Tokyo City University visited the Civil Engineering Department, DLSU last Sept. 30, 2011. Prof. Koike was the adviser of newly hired full time associate professor, Dr. Lessandro Garciano in Japan. Prof. Koike and Prof. Yoshida were keynote speaker  and technical paper presentor, respectively in the 15th ASEP International Convention held on Sept 28-29, 2011 at Dusit Hotel.

Prof. Koike and Prof. Yoshida visited the CE Dept. Structural Engineering Laboratory and then met with Prof. Dr. Alvin Culaba, Executive Vice Chancellor for Internationalization. They also delivered a lecture at the Graduate Course in Structural Dynamics of Dr. Garciano.

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Dr. Emby Binoe said...

i was there in class during Dr. Yoshida (the MPS topic) and Dr. Koike (Lifeline Earthquake Eng'g) lectures @ Dr. L Garciano's Structural Dynamics class.
they're both enthusiastic to encourage Filipino graduate students like us to pursue research projects applicable/observable in our country.
As a sidelight, Dr. Koike worked here in Manila from 1981-1984 when the LRT-1 was still a construction in progress. Dr. Koike was a project engineer of a pipeline system from Intramuros downto Pasay City. He told me during our class dinner @ Atmosphere resto, that the metro rail needs a reliability study for it's turning 30 yrs. this idea was also concurred by Dr. L Garciano. thus, an abstract paper is now in progress by the three of us. GOD HELP US. :)