Friday, September 9, 2011

The TokyoTech-DLSU Student Exchange 2011 - Part II

Finding Home at the Land of the Rising Sun (Part 2)

by Christopher Gozum, Bernadette Konwat and Bertrand Teodosio

The trip to Tokyo will not be complete without paying a visit to Mickey Mouse and Friends. It was Disney Sea day. We had very high expectations but it was also the summer vacation of the Japanese students. That meant there were a lot of people visiting one of the best amusement parks in the world. There were great attractions but the ride itself only lasted to a maximum of a minute as compared to a two to three-hours waiting time. It was just bad timing. We weren’t able to maximize our time here. But nevertheless, we enjoyed the company and bonding time with our Japanese friends.
Then we also went to Odaiba where we were able to witness their man made sea in which according to the Japanese people required a lot of embanking and filling material. And the Toyota Showroom located here also featured hybrid Toyota cars. Some of us the DLSU students also tried the Japanese hot spring (onsen) in Odaiba with the Japanese friends.

Planking invades Japan! Some of our Japanese friends did planking and they were really into it.
We also went to Tokyo's Metropolitan Office/Building. We went up in the observatory at the 45th floor to appreciate the view and see the whole of Tokyo.

We also went to Ueno and Okachimachi where we bought some chocolate souvenirs (Tiramisu flavored KitKat and different flavors of omochi).

Akihabara. Japan’s Electric Town. A whole day is not enough to be able to go around this huge town so we had to go back here more than once. All those gadgets and electronics are tempting you to buy them at very reasonable prices and you just can’t get enough of Akihabara.

During our Karaoke night, some of us were very tired and stayed at home. But some enjoyed the night in Oookayama and had fun Karaoke-ing with the Japanese students. It was an altogether unique Karaoke experience; nothing like the regular Karaoke places in our country.

For our last day, we went to Asakusa Temple to buy ourselves souvenirs. For lunch, we went to Jiyugaoka where we ate at a Tempura house. There were also many shops in this area. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to tour here.

Time flies so fast. It seemed like yesterday it was just our welcoming party, and then it was the farewell party already? Well, all good things have their ends; including this Japan trip. Our Japanese friends prepared games, drinks, food, company and of course friendship. We are very appreciative of this.
We were really very touched of the effort that the Japanese students gave for accompanying us and making us feel at home in Japan. Through the sunny days and rainy days in our trip, they were with us. And as Chai Santiago (one of the Manufacturing Engineering DLSU students in this trip) said “What I'm gonna miss the most here in Japan are not the places that we've been to nor the food that we were able to eat, it's the people who made us feel at home even if we were actually a thousand miles away from the Philippines.”
The writers: Bertrand (Rightmost), Christopher (3rd from Right) & Bernadette (4th from Right)

And on behalf of the DLSU Students, we would like to thank:
Prof. Hirofumi Hinode and Prof. Noboaki Otsuki
Engr. Gallardo, Ms. Lan, Kuya Alvin, Kuya Panj, Ate Eden, and Ate Ann
And of course, our Tokyo Tech Friends:
Aki, Pham, Sho, Satoshi, Shuuhei, Ryushi, Kazuki, Endo, Ryosuke, Yun, Kenji, Honda, Kim, Mynt, Yasu, Keita, and Nori.

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