Friday, January 21, 2011

A Donation in Memory of Dr. Greg Patron

Dr. Cris Moen and Engr. Estela Patron Moen visited DLSU - Manila last January 11, 2011 and presented a cash donation in memory of the late professor Gregorio Patron to the Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Deaprtments. Dr. Greg Patron was a faculty member of the ME Department who handled a number of undergraduate civil engineering courses specifically in Methods of Research and a graduate course on Hydraulic Structures.
Dr. Cristopher D. Moen, Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech also delivered a short presentation about his university and his research.

Posted below is an email message from Dr. Gaspillo, Dean of the College of Engineering:

  • Dear Cris,

    Thank you so much for visiting DLSU and for giving information about Virginia Tech.

    Your brief presentation of your research projects inspired our students.

    On behalf of the De La Salle University, I would like to extend oour sincere appreciation for the gift donation of US&2,000 to Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments in memory of your late father-in-law, DR. GREG PATRON.

    The amount shall be added to the One LA SAlle Scholarship Fund specifically for DLSU C.E. and M.E. Engineering scholars.

    The Brother Chancellor, Br. Ricardo LAguda FSC will send an official acknowledgement of the gift donation and the receipt of your records.

    Best regards to the family, Estela and Mrs. Linda Patron.

    Yours in St. LA Salle,

    Indette GAspillo

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