Monday, May 25, 2009

AlumNews: Lasallian Alumni Inducted Directors of PICE-Tarlac Chapter

On April 16, 2009 two Civil Engineer Alumni Engr. Hadji Peejay Aranda (CIV-HWR 97) and Engr Michael David (CIV-CTM 92) took their oath of office as Directors in the PICE-Tarlac Chapter. Engr. Michael David also served as the Chapter President in 2006-2007. Another Lasallian alumnus, Dr. Jumar Valdez (EdD 2006) is the present IPP. Engr. Aranda is in-charge for the Chapter CPE matters and Engr David on the other hand is in charge of the community affairs. Both are very excited to contribute their time and talents for the good of the organization. Engr. Aranda said that the present set of officers will be serving in a very auspicious time. "It was sad in a way, because it was the late PICE president Aquino who chose this date for induction and yet a week later he was shot.."

Reported by : Hadji Peejay Aranda
Instructor - Civil and Sanitary Engineering, Technological Institute of the Philippines QC

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Dr. Emby Binoe said...

congrats to you guys! Miko and Hadji!
Gear up!!!