Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PRESDES Class Visits Freyssinet Plant

Last February 27, 2009 the class in PRESDES section EI1 under Dr. Bernard Lejano had a field trip in Freyssinet Plant located in Barangay Pungo, Calumpit, Bulacan to give the students an experience in seeing the actual materials, the preparations, the prestressing works, and the finished products. Freyssinet fabricates most of the bridge girders here in Luzon. The plant produces both pre-tensioned and post-tensioned members. Despite the scourging heat of the sun, the class of 15 students learned a lot from the experience. Here are some comments of the students regarding the field trip:

“Due to the fieldtrip, the concepts discussed in the lessons are now well understood.”

“In spite of the hot weather, we still enjoyed the trip and we were able to see firsthand the things we learned in class.”

“As we toured around, we were informed on the step by step process of how they create their prestressing members.”

“This trip greatly helped us to have a better visualization of lessons in PRESDES.”

“It was very difficult to study things when you are only allowed to imagine them. Seeing things makes it simpler what is taught in class.”

“The field trip was an experience that helped me realize the importance of actually seeing the construction of structural elements like prestress concrete.”

“We got the chance to look at the customization of steel especially for the use of prestress concrete.”

“I learned field practices in fabricating prestressed beams, piles, etc. I was exposed to the gigantic machines, jacks that they used for fabrications. I never knew such machines existed until our fieldtrip.”

“I never thought it would be that so informative.”
Write-up by B.A. Lejano
Photos by Pedro Credo aka Pedro Petrelli (http://supatsai.multiply.com/photos)